All children are geniusHappy mothers,Clever and confident children

Experience of the world's best specialists

● Practical classes

● Only 20 min. per day for classes

All children are geniusHappy mothers,Clever and confident children

Experience of the world's best specialists

● Practical classes

● Only 20 min. per day for classes

The single most complete course about
harmonious development of personality


Structured development program from 1-6 years.
All the most important things in one project

Start of the course: 29.05.2024

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Online courses from "All children of genius" are the #1 choice of all caring parents.
Because we want the best for our children!

Do you want the child to be happy, kind, successful, healthy?


Save your time, effort and money


Quickly and easily deal with the most important moments in the development and upbringing of the baby


Do not lose the most important time in a child's development - 0-6 years, so as not to eliminate the consequences of inaction later

What you get in the course:


More than 1190 best exercises

for the development of the child's brain and body


Proven 30-year experience

scientists, pediatricians, neurophysiologists, psychologists, speech therapists


236 short lessons

5-30 minutes with answers


The best games

For the development of the child's intelligence


Exercises for

Massage from 0-12 months


Ideas and materials

For creative activities


Materials for development

Musical ear


Materials for study

Foreign languages


Exercises for

Sensory development (organs of the senses)


from the author of the course

+ successful personal experience



like-minded women

The course consists of 15 modules and
236 short thematic lessons:

  • Module - Secrets of revealing talents

    ● About the most important thing in 2 minutes
    ● Development of brain, body, organs, feelings of a smart child
    ● B.M.M. principle. How to develop talents?
    ● 6 areas of comprehensive development of a confident personality
    ● Benefits from 1-6 years of training
    ● Practical classes

  • Module - Introduction

    ● Personal consultation
    ● Social networks of the project
    ● The purpose of this course
    ● Rules of the brain
    ● 6 main areas of comprehensive development
    ● Knowledge of the world and oneself as a philosophy of life
    ● Who is a truly happy person

  • Module - Physical development

    ● 1-2 years - a collection of exercises
    ● 2-3 years - a collection of exercises
    ● 3-6 years - a collection of exercises
    ● How to organize classes?
    ● Balance instruction
    ● Exercise balance
    ● Manual skills instruction
    ● Manual exercise skills
    ● Mobility, walking
    ● Mobility exercises 1-2+
    ● Mobility exercises 2-3+
    ● Mobility exercises 3-6 (part 1)
    ● Mobility exercises 3-6 (part 2)
    ● Ball games
    ● Exercises for coordination of movements
    ● Reaction speed exercises
    ● Relays
    ● When and how to involve dad in development?
    ● How to train if the baby is not with his mother for a long time
    ● Physical activity develops personality
    ● Method of training talent
    ● What should the first shoes be?
    ● Assessment of achievements
    ● For those who have not been active since birth
    ● If the child is often more, how to be
    ● Neurological abilities 1-6 years
    ● How to get used to the pool and water games
    ● Development program for a 1-year-old child
    ● Development program for a 2-year-old child
    ● Development program for a 3-year-old child
    ● Development program for a 4-year-old child
    ● Development program for a 5-year-old child
    ● Development program for a 6-year-old child

  • Module - Sensory development

    ● Sensory development theory
    ● Video examples of various sensory games #1
    ● Video examples of various sensory games #2
    ● Beige burgundy
    ● Sensory pouches and materials
    ● Touch plates
    ● Sensory books
    ● Montessori games
    ● Educational songs and logorhythms
    ● Development of vision and coordination
    ● Development of a sense of rhythm and tact
    ● Other sensory development and games

  • Module - Emotional development

    ● The importance of emotional connection between mother and child
    ● When and how to connect dad to the child's development
    ● What is a child's emotional development?
    ● How do our reactions in the moment of tantrum affect the child?
    ● Quality time with children
    ● What do I feel? what do i want How much is enough for me?
    ● Rule 15 minutes before bedtime
    ● Mantra - self-adjustment
    ● How to create parent-child attachment?
    ● How to create a strong father-child bond?
    ● What to do if dad spends little time with the child?
    ● Dad is not your mother
    ● Emotional taboos in our culture
    ● Is it possible to leave the child with dad/grandmother/nanny and when?
    ● Afraid to leave the child with someone, otherwise everything will go wrong
    ● The importance of emotions

  • Module - Development of independence

    ● Why is it important to develop independence in a child?
    ● What fate will we give our children
    ● Parental hyperopia and its harmful consequences
    ● How do leadership qualities develop?
    ● Right to be wrong or personal experience?
    ● Children's responsibilities at home
    ● It is impossible to go to the store with the child
    ● How to get used to independent eating?
    ● How to teach a child to eat with a spoon
    ● Getting used to future independent dressing
    ● Does not want to dress himself
    ● We start getting dressed for the street
    ● When to potty train?
    ● The pot
    ● A child in kindergarten does not go to the toilet
    ● How to train to sit on the potty
    ● Does not want to sit on the potty
    ● Independent access to the toilet
    ● We train the child to the toilet
    ● The child does not want to play alone, only with his mother
    ● My son is 3 years old, but he cannot play by himself

  • Module - Intellectual development

    ● Benefits from 1-6 years of training
    ● What is the secret of a successful personality?
    ● Where to start and how not to harm?
    ● A balance of daily activities with prioritization
    ● Does the child need early development groups
    ● Audio stories
    ● Active reading
    ● Development of the child's hearing and speech
    ● Doman cards: how and when to start? Memory training
    ● How should a mother behave so that classes are fun?
    ● My child scatters everything and does not want to do anything
    ● When to give other tasks? And do you need to hurry?
    ● Can children be shown cartoons and given gadgets?
    ● Why is the habit of studying from an early age important?
    ● Sensitive periods
    ● Development of fine and gross motor skills
    ● Willingness to learn
    ● Speech delay
    ● Games based on the Montessori method
    ● Learning the alphabet
    ● Learning a foreign second language
    ● How to learn English
    ● Gadget limit
    ● Is it possible to distract the child for a short time
    ● Why many cartoons harm a child
    ● The child is attached to the phone
    ● Language development

  • Module - Intellectual development - practice

    ● List of exercises
    ● Logic, thinking
    ● Construction
    ● Mathematics
    ● Attention
    ● Memory
    ● Foreign languages
    ● Applications
    ● Sculpting
    ● Fine and gross motor skills
    ● Reading, theater
    ● Environmental world, general development
    ● Experiments, properties of objects
    ● A walk
    ● Language
    ● Drawing + letter
    ● Sensorics, feelings, sensations
    ● Interaction with peers
    ● Story and role-playing games, professions
    ● Fantasies, imagination
    ● Physical development

  • Module - Psychology and behavior

    ● Age crises of 1-6 years
    ● Historical tantrums
    ● Tools of effective communication - active listening
    ● Useful tools in communication with the child
    ● When do children understand prohibitions? How to ban correctly?
    ● Discipline and obedience. Setting boundaries
    ● Should the child be punished and how?
    ● Parental behavior consistency
    ● The child fights, bites
    ● Respect for the child
    ● What to do if you feel negative feelings towards the child
    ● Why are we angry with the child?
    ● How to raise a happy child?
    ● How to raise a good child?
    ● A united front in the whole family
    ● Family relations: who is the head in the family - husband or child?
    ● Calm environment in the family
    ● How real Men and Women are raised
    ● How to prepare for a visit to the dentist
    ● The child is constantly throwing tantrums
    ● We speak correctly
    ● Children tease each other
    ● Children are jealous of each other
    ● The daughter snatches everything from the hands of the younger brother
    ● Other children take toys away from the child
    ● Spiritual and moral development
    ● Contrary to the child, she has a tantrum
    ● Hysterics and childish manipulation
    ● How to deal with a child's tantrums
    ● How to communicate rules and boundaries to family members
    ● How to learn to control yourself
    ● How to teach patience
    ● How to answer "I don't want", "I won't"
    ● How to prepare a child for divorce from parents
    ● How to properly punish a child
    ● How to respond to "no"
    ● When he gets angry, he hits himself on the head
    ● Crisis of 3 years
    ● Bad words
    ● The habit of throwing everything away
    ● Contradictions
    ● The child copies the behavior of young children
    ● The child is often nervous, behaves aggressively
    ● Child's self-esteem
    ● Uniqueness of the child
    ● The son throws a tantrum as soon as the toys are taken away
    ● Throws toys or throws toys at someone

  • Module - Sexual education

    ● Self-identification by gender 1-1.5 years
    ● Underwear rules
    ● How to talk to a child about sex 8+
    ● How to protect children on the Internet
    ● How to teach a child to protect himself from violence
    ● How dangerous is the Internet for our children
    ● How to set parental controls
    ● To love and pamper. Parental control
    ● Incomplete family
    ● The child became a victim of violence

  • Module - Socialization

    ● How to choose a kindergarten
    ● The child goes to kindergarten. What should you pay attention to?

  • Module - Breastfeeding

    ● GV, can we just wean?
    ● How to complete the GV
    ● How to wean from a pacifier?
    ● How to wean from breastfeeding?
    ● When is it better to wean?
    ● The child often touches the breast after weaning

  • Module - Dietetics

    ● Formation of food culture in children
    ● Detail between appetite and hunger
    ● The relationship between a child's health and food
    ● Children eat little, have poor appetite
    ● Overweight and good appetite
    ● Standards in children's nutrition
    ● Effect of products on the body
    ● Food. What can be added
    ● Food fat content, how to get used to eating vegetables
    ● Norm of bread. Cereals
    ● Milk. Contraindication
    ● Dairy and meat products
    ● Useful life hacks
    ● Live broadcast with a nutritionist

  • Module - Sleep

    ● Briefly about children's sleep
    ● Your bedtime rituals
    ● Sleep regression
    ● Sleep disturbance
    ● How to sleep optimally with a child
    ● Sleep training and behavior modification techniques
    ● Types of sleep, stages of child development
    ● How to change your sleep schedule
    ● How to teach a child to sleep without a breast
    ● How to teach a child to sleep in his room
    ● The child refuses to sleep alone
    ● The child constantly falls asleep with the parents
    ● The child wakes up more than 2 times during the GV

  • Module - Toys/shopping/space

    ● Useful purchases
    ● Useful toys
    ● Development space
    ● How to choose a sports complex?
    ● It is better not to buy

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● Video and photo examples of exercises, massages for every day (10-20 minutes each) for the development of the brain and body of a smart and confident child
● The possibility of working offline, even when there is no electricity or Internet, by pre-loading the information into the mobile application
● Successful personal experience of the author and thousands of parents, which is inspiring
● Conscious like-minded people who support each other and develop their super kids
● Live project - author in social networks - Instagram, YouTube, Facebook. Daily updates, Stories and useful materials
● 12 online webinars per year with answers to questions
● Child development tracker, enter information, analyze progress. Tracking the stages and norms of development
● Weekly reminders and mail prompts with useful material
● 2500 games, exercises and recommendations in the course
● Upon request, course completion certificates


Author of the project "All children of genius"

Olena Antonyuk
● I create parenting with love, respect and without stress
● Mother twice and happy wife of 17 years
● An expert in the harmonious development of a child's physical and mental potential
● Leader of webinars and trainings on early development
● Organizer of early development groups for children
● Business owner and CEO
● Interned with children in early childhood development schools in England
● For 10 years she studied psychology, methods of physical and intellectual development of children and their harmonious upbringing
● I personally use and share all the methods I am talking about for training and teaching my children


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