All children are geniusHappy mothers,Clever and confident children

Experience of the world's best specialists

● Practical classes

● Only 20 min. per day for classes

All children are geniusHappy mothers,Clever and confident children

Experience of the world's best specialists

● Practical classes

● Only 20 min. per day for classes


Raise amazing children

A structured program for the development of child's talents, through physical exercises, sensory development and psychology


Dear mothers!

Welcome to the project about the harmonious development of a child aged 0-6 yearsWe know that every loving parent wants to give a child only the best!


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Here you will learn:


about the peculiarities of the formation of the child's body, brain and sense organs, which affect easy and successful learning in the future


you will understand how to reveal the natural potential and innate talents of your child


you will learn how to make your motherhood easy, fun and comfortable, and your child's childhood happy, exciting and bright

Look briefly at the stages of a child's brain development. How to raise a happy, smart, athletic child?

10 STEPS TO EFFECTIVE DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR CHILD. FROM 0 TO 61. Create a development plan. Write down the main areas that should be covered at this age2. Analyze the situation today: what has already been missed and has visible consequences. If from birth, then just follow the program3. Make a plan for the week, mark 3 training sessions per day for 10 minutes in red. Set reminder alarms4. Create effective space and zoning (sports, reading, Lego, mathematics, creativity, sleep, eating, independence...)5. Schedule the child's day (flexible planning, schedule = psychological peace, the child needs a routine, sleep affects health, sports affects brain development and behavior, food affects health and behavior6. 6 directions of comprehensive development (physical, intellectual, emotional, independence, social, moral) from 0-6 years7. Mom in balance and psychology, hobbies, recreation, time management8. The child is integrated into our lifestyle, not the other way around9. Parents are an example of everything. Let's start with ourselves10. It is necessary to invest time, money and energy in raising talented children.

6 areas of harmonious development
1. Physical and sensory
2. Emotional
3. Intellectual
4. Independence
5. Moral
6. Socialization

When developing a child, we need to know the basics of neurophysiology and psychology

All subsequent results will depend on physical development in the first years of life

The most important video on developing your smart and confident child (watch for free)
● 5 steps to reveal your child's talents and genius
● 6 areas of harmonious development
● How does a child's brain and body develop from 0-6 years old and what mistakes will lead to developmental delays and learning problems?
● How to help a child effectively go through the stages of development
● How to start simple classes?
● Experience the world's best schools for your little one

There are 3 main areas of physical development that you need to pay attention to from birth:

1. Balance

The more the child's balance develops, the better all the senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell) develop.

2. Manual skills

Well-developed sense organs will help a child learn easily at school, receive and process information quickly and efficiently.


A child with well-developed physical, mental and emotional intelligence adapts more easily in society and treats other children more friendly


A child learns about the world through physical and sensory experiences

The more correct mobility in the first years of life:
👉 the better and faster the child develops,
👉 the stronger her intelligence develops,
👉 the smarter the baby becomes!
The earlier the correct motor and sensory experience begins in a child,
👉 the more developed it will be
👉 the easier she will learn
👉 the more pleasure the learning process will bring to the child
👉 the more motivated and independent she will study without your c

Briefly about the most important

In order not to waste the most effective time in a child's life, join practical courses and programs developed by global neurophysiologists and pediatricians, speech therapists and other specialists who will help your child grow:
● happy
● confident
● reasonable
● independent
● a harmonious personality

❤️Childhood should be happy! Parenthood should be comfortable!

🎓 Briefly about the most important point for comprehensive development in 1 project "All children of genius"

No one has a time machine to turn back time and rewire a child's brain correctly. By missing time, we miss the child's super opportunitie

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    The first 6 years of life are very important for all future achievements of a person in work, relationships, family and raising childrenThe first 6 years of life are very important for all future achievements of a person in work, relationships, family and raising children

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    We are laying the foundation for future achievements at the level of brain and body development. It is now that the foundations are laid, on which all subsequent results of the child in life will depend

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    from the age of 0-6, the senses will develop, reflexes will be integrated, and most of the brain will be formed (more than 90%), which the baby will use for the rest of his life

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    If during this period the vestibular apparatus, sensory skills, mobility, and training of the baby's hands are properly developed, his potential will increase many times over.

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    It will be easy for the child to learn, which means that all changes in the world will be made easily and quickly, without additional effort and stress. The child will grow up happy, confident, smart and athletic, quickly learn foreign languages and confidently communicate with others

Do not miss the early age of the child if you want to reveal the child's potential to 100% and give a happy and successful future

Do practical classes with us on the course - 10 minutes / day
Online courses "All children of genius" are
the #1 choice of all caring parents.


Active baby - talented child 0-12 months

What you get in the course:


870 best exercises

for the development of the child's brain and body


Proven 30-year experience

scientists, pediatricians, neurophysiologists, psychologists, speech therapists


61 short lessons

5-30 minutes with answers


The best games

For the development of the child's intelligence


Exercises for hands

Massage from 0-12 months


Ideas for development

For creative activities


Materials for development

Musical ear


Preparation for future easy

learning of foreign languages


Exercises for

Sensory development (organs of the senses)


from the author of the course

+ successful personal experience



like-minded women

Find out if you are harmoniously developing your child?

Fill out the questionnaire in 5 minutes and check whether you are not missing important stages in the development of your baby?


Author of the project "All children are genius"

Olena Antonyuk
● I create parenting with love, respect and without stress
● Mother twice and happy wife of 17 years
● An expert in the harmonious development of a child's physical and mental potential
● Leader of webinars and trainings on early development
● Organizer of early development groups for children
● Business owner and CEO
● Interned with children in early childhood development schools in England
● For 10 years, she studied psychology, methods of physical and intellectual development of children and their harmonious upbringing
● I personally use and share all the methods I am talking about for training and teaching my children


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